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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Just one drop of tear… its all you get (Unheard dream…)

Life is simple but the most complicated of all
U get lost in your emotions to even be there
Love and life doesn’t agree with each other
What’s in your heart sometimes cant been seen in your eyes
As your brain won’t give permission
Now tell me what you adore most your life your heart or your brain
But in the end nothing will give u a hand
All will be gone in a flash in front of your eyes
Like a dream you never had….

What you hold so close to your heart will be a stranger...
What is to been seen to the world is not the reality in your eyes…
Only one tear…
A reality that cannot hold its place long enough
But have no way to come out
The fear for world is bigger than the world itself…

You keep on holding what you don’t want
When u have the most wanted in front of you eyes…
You crave, u miss, and you cry but nothing moves
All the folding in your heart can’t be open…
It just a cry for help which can’t be heard…
For the fear in you only you can give
Just one drop of tear… its all you get

- Mariyam Nina Ali-

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