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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Letting it slip away…

Recently I have been reading a lot of articles of inhuman act against women all around the world. Than one of my old colleagues who is also a of great friends of mine reminded me that this is not only happening now, but it has been happening over centuries, in the name of culture, norm or religion. Than I thought for a long time, and reminded myself what will happen if it was me on that side of story. How would I have felt… what I realised is I cant even imagine enough how theses women or lets tell girls will feel or think… for example last November in Saudi Arabia courts had given 200 lashes punishment for a 19 year old girl for being raped at point of a knife.. Well God knows why they chastise the victim when they let go the sinner. Believe me this is happening in a Muslim country, where in Islam is tells to respect and care for women. I feel that the justice system is or let’s say some certain people, who have inferior thinking, is worse than the person who raped her because theses people are doing it in the name of religion.

Sometimes I think is it a crime being a woman? I know there are some people who make it look like it. Recently I read this article in BBC about ‘Iraqi women refugees forced into prostitution in Syria’. Over hundreds of Iraqi women in Syria are forced into prostitution to support themselves and their families. And most gloomy part is that the Syrian authorities and aid agencies states that they are unaware of the number of teenagers who are in the sex trade. I think it’s high time they make an effort to know it. It is a shame all this happening in front of our eyes and we just listen or look with our hands on sides without doing anything at all.

Well what we have to keep in our mind is that is theses are only few stories which come in front of world’s media. We can’t even imagine how many cases like this or worse than theses are been hidden in the name of shame, family pride, religion, or social standings… when we ourselves hides the most of it, I wonder how we can expect this to stop. When we have let it slip way so far away and as the Chinese proverb goes "If we don't change the direction we're going, we're likely to end up where we are headed."

- Mariyam Nina Ali-