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Friday, 14 October 2011

Life’s secrets. Wonders of life

   I always often wondered what the reason or secret of life is! Why people call things as wonders... Material things can be seen and touched but in process of life we never realised that in the course of seeing all these material things we are ignoring the most significant life’s truth; the nitty-gritties are the actual miracles and wonders of life. Most magnificent creation of god are the ones we use all the time and what’s happening daily. For example isn’t it a wonder or a miracle that sun rises every day and it sets every day. It’s a blessing, wonder what will happen to us when and if this process is stopped?
  Few days ago one of my best friends Shamshad Khan took one of most sensational photographs I have ever seen. Though I know she is brilliant photographer and seen most of her work. This photograph made me ruminate about these wonders of life. My first thought when I saw the picture was “sensational, how amazing can god's creation be...” . Second thought was no man made thing is as amazing as what we see around... Everywhere we go any country and place the scenery is so different yet so alike. Keeps us wondering and thinking this must be it the most beautiful/wonderful place on earth. But no everywhere, everything is made in its fullest as it should be. And our thoughts defer as we see different places and different things.

  I thought about this for many days  and came to conclusion that as we are different from each other though we are all human beings may be  for each person how they see life and how they see secret of life  or wonders is different. It took time to understand the nature of many things. It took years to know what is important in life and what not.  So in that account i realised for everyone it’s different, so I decided to make a list of seven wonders of life in my own thinking which is weird because when I finished my list (trust me I really never finished my list but forced myself to stop) I had thirteen not seven, I tried to cut some off to make it seven but couldn’t do it. So I thought why not I’ll have my list of thirteen wonders rather than seven. And again this made me wonder “wow, I got my 14th definite wonder; changing thoughts and behaviour”. So in the end I had fourteen wonders. And I realised we can’t ever catch up with destiny or life’s secrets as its ever changing process, and that way life’s secrets can’t be grasped…
By: Nina Ali

PS: Here is my list of wonder which I came up with..
Seven wonders    By Nina Ali
1.     Birth of child
2.     Aging skin n body
3.     Image in the mirror
4.     Unconscious thoughts
5.     Changing personalities
6.     Life’s journey
7.     Death

Basic Seven Wonders of Life should be dictated as:-
1.     To be able to SEE
2.     To be able to HEAR
3.     To be able to TOUCH
4.     To be able to TASTE
5.     To be able to FEEL
6.     To be able to LAUGH
7.     To be able to LOVE

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Found this written is piece of paper in one of my old journals...

Give me a holler
I have lost myself
(Don’t know) when i woke up
(Don’t know) when i slept
I will die if I be far from you

I started looking at your eyes
I started loving life
I had been fearless to death before
But now started worrying

In the first rain of the monsoon
I witnessed all my dreams at one night
Hope this life does not pass by
In only one meeting (with u!)

You be in front of me don't go
I have got to say something to u don't go
The season of love
Will not come back again

*Found this written is piece of paper in one of my old journals... I am sure I didn’t write it but it touched my heart so much wanted to share