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Sunday, 1 January 2012

A dream through the clouds

In my dreams I see you...
Yet don’t know if you are real
Why I can’t figure who you are,
Makes me flustered day by day

Simple whisper of you voice,
Unknown to my brain then so familiar to my heart
Train of thoughts zoom by me forever
Blooming into an untouchable desire...

Why do I wait desperately for an answer?
When this carving for one glimpse make me gasp
This desire to know takes me to fantasy circle
Where I feel like caving to my hopes

Through the clouds you come and go,
All I know is; I wait eagerly for next night
Just in the hope to see your face in my dream
Bright sky will clear the clouds and show me one peek

Wonder if you dream about me as I do...
Restless in bed wondering who I am
I marvel if you look for me in every corner
Reasoning the same thing that you’ll see me someday

Through the clouds you are a lovely dream
But just a dream which never seem to be ample
A stream of lovely thought and magic
With a drop of hope to cross the bridge of fantasy to reality