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Friday, 12 December 2008

Way back home …

This is where my life begins, or at least in the eyes of others it is. I am 30 years old, I loved and lost... But this only I know… as people usually assumes I am successful women with lonely life... I have no friends no family… only thing I have is myself and just a little bit of hope… a hope to get back home. My only problem is I don’t know where it is or whether it existed. I just only know all I want is go home… for almost 2 decades I try to figure out what’s in my heart, how I feel, but have never been successful. My only magic is I can tell what’s in other person’s heart and mind by hearing and looking at their face... They say your eyes and your face is the door to your soul… trust me I believe that. And that’s where my life starts.
There have been many times I have think of my childhood and it always brings tears in my eyes. With experience of time I made a deal with my heart that it’s best not to open the books of my past. It’s a blessing that no one but I know my past. May be this is because I eloped and came and started living here where no one knew who I was except my name. My name is Shine Michaels and no one knows what I came here for... only that I came here a decade and little more years before as university student. I ended up being one of the best psychology student oxford ever saw. And that was when the morning star of my career shined. People tell me all the time I am one of the best psychologist, best counselor, and there is nothing I have no solution for. I always found a way out for them. But it’s amazing what people don’t know about that here I am 30 yrs old and still can’t solve riddle of my hearts and my thoughts, can’t put words in my feeling. And still haven’t found my alleyway out.
Today I won this amazing award”BEST PSYCHOLOGIST AWARD “of the year. And I went up the stage to say few words, and when I went up there the only thing I could manage was a thank you. By looking at the crowd and lights flashing in to my eyes... Slowly I saw my past memories flushing back in my mind. As it was happening at that same jiffy, my entire life stood in front of me… it felt like my entire life passed within those few seconds. Only thing I could do was stoop my head take a heavy breath and say thanking you and then find a way out of the crowd, where I can stand with my thoughts and feelings.

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