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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Remember I’m always there…

If you ever need someone to talk to,
Remember that I am always there for you
If you ever get into trouble,
Come to me and I’ll give you a warm cuddle,

If you are sad and wearing a frown on your face,
I will give you my smile instead in its place,
If you are hurt and your heart is torn apart,
I will give you my affection and mend
you’re broken your heart,

If you are exhausted and about to fall,
I’ll give you my hand and remind you
this is a friendship after all,

Whatever you need, whenever it may be,
I assure you that you can always depend upon me…

Copyright© 10th October 1998 Mariyam Nina Ali

1 comment:

mere maldivian said...

Beautiful poem! Reminds me of what we had as kids. Those were the good old days dho.