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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Tears from soul, less from eyes

I knew it was coming yet my heart never took it
Surprises are no more; it’s just a look they give,
Days flew and I knew it will hit me hard
Stronger the emotion my soul just cried
Pale was my face, colours draining though I tried

How strong I can be I never knew
Failing to accept the fact was tricky
Blur the day went still had I to stay intact
Hard it was not to show my core
Breaking I was inside no one saw

Surrounding was a show, grasping the time
No tears came from eyes but soul broke in parts
Onus was all I had, to finish what I started
Stood there watching, able to do nothing
How humans are so impotent

Yet we believe we have control,
Only when we lose a battle we know
We are nil and we all have to go in the end
Fall a cliff or go in peace
Leaving a tale of your being to all
Place where only a prayer can be send

My soul cried when you went, though I know it was time
Best it was for you, but feelings don’t agree
Moments I couldn’t take, for the pains you had
Hard to let go, tough to keep together
No one knew my soul is scared beyond restore
Feels like I can’t make it anymore
Tears flow from my soul less from my eyes…

M. Nina Ali
To my father, will never forget you.. for all those moments..miss u forever

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